Adult chest

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However, consider the history and correlate the likely diagnoses that may be demonstrated on film. Furthermore, check your review areas to ensure that the abnormality isn't at the corner of the film. When you are presented with an adult chest radiograph in the exam setting and you see an abnormality, you need to work out where it is. Simple, or, at least, it should be by the time you are preparing for your exams. Quickly reviewing these areas is essential to avoid missing an important abnormality, especially if the x-ray looks otherwise normal at first glance.

Adult Pectus Excavatum

Adult chest radiograph set-pieces | Radiology Reference Article |

This term refers to a chest wall deformity resulting in a sunken breastbone sternum. Although it is most common in the middle of the chest, it may move to one side, usually the right. Are there special considerations for adults with pectus excavatum? Although the majority of patients with pectus excavatum undergo repair during childhood, there are no contraindications for repair in the adult. As will be described below, both the open Ravitch and Nuss type of repair can be successfully performed in the adult with excellent results.

Radiological assessment of the adult chest: implications for chest compressions

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