Beautiful tibetan boys

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We work hard to trust all the information in proper English. Below is already an indication, be patient for the correct translation. Contrary to what we are used to, the Tibetans have no surnames. It is customary for the parents of a newborn little baby to ask a monk to give the child a name. Usually, there are then two names are given, the first of which is then used as the call sign.

Tibetan children

Tibetan names – Stichting Tibetfonds Dolma

Site Update 4 is up, and make sure you're checking out the Fundraising Month festivities! Help me name my Tibetan Baby before I pop! I'm outrageously pregnant and my husband is Tibetan. We are going to use a Tibetan name, but it's rather hard to find Tibetan name books for babies. He's not a Buddhist, he's a Bonpo. I need feedback from people of all language backgrounds and countries and opinions about the list he has given me. I'm a bit of a "surprise" kind of a person so I don't feel like I want to ask in-person friends.

Some Common Tibetan Names and Their Meanings

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We travel in small specialized safari vehicles that enable us to have a more intimate view of wildlife. We spend two nights camping on the edge of the Reserve with time to explore the park on morning and afternoon game drives. The sweeping plains, distant horizons, low slung acacia trees, and plentiful wildlife ensure a deeply evocative few days. How long they stay is dependent on rainfall and subsequent grass growth in the rainy season.