Body part swap story

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All the work I post here is in its first draft format. I do this so that you can still read what I'm writing and so you have a reason to buy my books when they are edited and published, alongside supporting me as a person of course. This is a branch or fan fiction from my book Adrian - The Saga of Adrianne. I hope you can enjoy it for what it is without reading the book. The saga of Jessa and Danny continues.

Body Swap Fiction: The 7 Best Examples of All Time (2019)

Choose your own change - The Magic Bodyswap Ring

MSG Board. Body swap movie and. New video at Elliott. Female with male voi.

Head or Body Part Swaps

Just like bodies, no two examples of body swap fiction are exactly the same. They can range from the macabre to the quirky or cringe-worthy to brilliant. For those not familiar, a classic case of body swap fiction is the one-to-one exchange of bodies between two people. However, it can occur a number of ways with multiple variations.
After school, Alex walks home with his girlfriend and they talk happily for their plans during the school holiday that is going to start tomorrow. Amanda will not around because she is going out with her friends for holiday trip. As they enter the basement lab, they can see there is a lot of potions and also machine. Alex and Jenny walk around the lab to find for the new machine that create by his dad. After a few minutes of searching, Alex found the new machine in a room inside the lab.