Boku no pico not censored

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Boku no Pico is a a series of hentai reverse shotacon transgender young boys portrayed in an erotic manner OVAs released by Natural High studios. Due its explicit sex scenes and pedophile nature it's often used as a troll suggestion to anime newcomers and as a shock video. There's a total of 3 episodes, one edited version from the first epiosde, a manga, a PC game and a compilation of songs. Soon after the release of the first episode, Boku no Pico became a common troll tactic on sites like 4chan as a suggestion for anime recommendation threads. Young Buck's post inspired a dramatic reading recording, which became viral on the Japanese media hub niconico , [4] inspiring several parodies and being used as source of MAD videos.

Backseat Anime Watching - Boku No Pico - Episode 1 *Heavily Censored*

Boku no pico - Episode 1 |

Tam ekran izle. Melvin Wright. Takip et. This contains sexual reference and coarse language, it's crude and disrespectful and in terrible taste.

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