Cloud of darkness ffxiv

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I am the Cloud of Darkness. What I do not smother, I devour. What I cannot devour, I destroy. The covenant is everlasting. All mortals before the flood of darkness will sink lifeless into the void! She appears in the Crystal Tower storyline as a disembodied voice speaking from the World of Darkness and later appears as the final boss of the storyline.

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In darkness, all is as one. Be it hope or despair, everything is mine to devour. As the final enemy of the Crystal Tower story and one of the most powerful known Voidsent, the Cloud of Darkness is a force to be reckoned with. She uses a variety of Particle Beam attacks many that inflict Vulnerability Up , each that must be handled in various ways:. After teleporting three times, she will begin to prepare her Flood of Darkness by inhaling Dark Clouds and Dark Storms that spawn in the arena. Each that reach her will increase the power of the attack, so it is necessary to defeat them.

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