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Co-Ed Confidential

Co-Ed Confidential ( TV Series) Online - Watch Full HD Movies Online Free

Co-ed Confidential, a show based on the popular movie Animal House, begins with the banning of a wild, rowdy fraternity. The fraternity house is then turned into an experimental dorm for incoming freshman. The house is overseen by two upperclassman, Ophelia and James. James and Ophelia are involved with one another in a romantic relationship. The show follows the group of students as they move into the dorm and begin making connections with one another. Each plot line revolves around the students and their non-academic pursuits, including their social life, hookups, makeups and breakups. The show, which is strongly focused on the sexual relationships of those living in the house, aims to look at the social atmosphere in which college students are living, especially when a co-ed group is forced into such close quarters.

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