Divorce and sex

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By Real Mom for DivorcedMoms. At the end of my marriage, my sex life was pretty much the same thing over and over and over. We had our way of doing it and sadly, it just got into a comfortable routine. To be honest, I had to make myself have sex with him just so he would leave me alone for a few days and quit asking for it.

The Best Tips for Reinventing Your Sex Life After Divorce

Sex after divorce—it's not as scary as you might think - Reader's Digest

By Laura Lifshitz Sep 23rd, From the moment you two separated, admit it…. This means having new sex. Being naked with someone else. Intimate with someone else. Vulnerable with someone else.

Sex After Divorce – 7 Things No One Will Tell You (But I Will)

Divorce is a unique kind of pain. As you box up your life and the legal ties are being severed , dormant desires and revelations may be waking up and asking to be given air. This often summons a mixed bag of emotions when thinking about stepping into a new dating and sex life post-divorce.
Studies on the sex lives of the divorced are relatively few and somewhat dated. Although they give a rather optimistic view of the subject, this research is flawed by high respondent refusal rates and poor representativeness of samples. Further, a major gap in this literature is that the possible predictors of sexual activity of the divorced remain largely unexplored.