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Sex-hungry teens are kidnapped by auto mechanics, who take them to a rural hospital run by aliens who need their blood as the key to their own longevity. Mardi Rustam Philip Dennis Connors. I was going to add a half star for featuring a porn star in a mainstream movie the fabulous Ginger Lynn but then I have to deduct half a star for this movie committing a major sin: having many…. So Amazon picked this movie for me to watch as it was the first suggestion.

Evils of the Night (1985) – Amber Lynn Nude, Crystal Breeze Nude, Jody Swafford Nude Scene Video

Amber Lynn nude, Crystal Breeze nude, Jody Swafford nude – Evils of the Night ()

Naked Evil is a black-and-white independent British horror film, produced by Michael F. Johnson, and written and directed by Stanley Goulder. It tells a story of voodoo activities in an all-male student hostel in a fictitious English city, where the brilliant resident students are from Jamaica and other countries in the Commonwealth realm. The bizarre events at the hostel and a local neighbourhood are investigated by a detective inspector who, with the help of a priest, comes to realise that he's not dealing with the usual sort of crime. They discover what several of the students already know: that the hostel's elderly caretaker is a Jamaican 'obi man' who is responsible for the evil that has enveloped the hostel.

Jody Swafford And Laura Lee – Evils Of The Night

Sign In. Evils of the Night Hide Spoilers. I saw this movie in a theater by a fortuitous accident when it was released in the print of the just-released "Nightmare on Elm Street" had failed to arrive, so the theater owners were showing "Evils My friends and I laughed the whole way through, and were delighted by the many familiar faces in the cast - we never thought we'd see Julie Newmar again!
Why are there zombie hands holding her down? There are no zombies in this movie! And hey, classy artwork, by the way. From minute one of this classy film four teenagers are stripping down and doing drugs. But before officially shifting to latenight Cinemax status they are abducted and taken to a hospital run by lesbian alien nurses dressed in uniforms like some extras from the original Star Trek series.