Homosexual tendency

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Kleponis has evaluated candidates for priesthood and religious life for many years. He has given many conferences to seminarians and to priests. His doctoral thesis addressed the issue of narcissism and spirituality in seminarians. Fitzgibbons has given conferences to spiritual formation teams at a number of seminaries and to seminarians on growth in affective maturity. He has authored chapters in two books on the origins and healing of same-sex attractions.

The Psychology Behind Homosexual Tendencies

The Psychology Behind Homosexual Tendencies | EWTN

Jump to navigation. In a newly published, book-length interview, Pope Francis has reasserted his worries about the presence of gay men in the clergy and of gays and lesbians in consecrated life. His statement is a response to this question, posed by the interviewer, Claretian Fr. Fernando Prado: "It is not a secret that in consecrated life and in the clergy there are also people with homosexual tendencies.

Pope Francis says homosexual tendencies are ‘not a sin’

The new Vatican document on the priesthood and homosexual tendencies mentions a range of conditions, from deep-seated homosexual tendencies to transitory same-sex attractions. Richard Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist, author and contributor to the Catholic Medical Association's document "Homosexuality and Hope. Q: How would you distinguish between someone with same-sex attractions and someone with deep-seated homosexual tendencies? Fitzgibbons: Those with deep-seated homosexual tendencies identify themselves as homosexual persons and are usually unwilling to examine their emotional conflicts that caused this tendency.
The crisis over sexuality in the Catholic Church goes beyond abuse. It goes to the heart of the priesthood, into a closet that is trapping thousands of men. By Elizabeth Dias.