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May 28, The pictures would horrify anyone: hooded US soldiers raping and torturing naked Iraqi women at gunpoint. But for Farah al-Azzawi, these blurry photos burn with agony and shame. Azzawi is part of a secret sisterhood: her mother is one of three women inside Abu Ghraib, the notorious prison where US soldiers took smiling snapshots of themselves sadistically humiliating Iraqis.

New Photos and Video Unveiled in Trial of Iraqi Prison Abuse

Female GI In Abuse Photos Talks - CBS News

Arab outrage flashed across the Middle East on Friday as TV stations showed graphic images of naked Iraqi prisoners being humiliated by smiling U. The photographs, shown on Dubai-based Al Arabiya and Qatar-based Al Jazeera, included pictures of prisoners naked except for the hoods that covered their heads. The Arab TV stations led news bulletins with the photos of hooded prisoners piled on top of each other in a human pyramid and simulating sex acts, with their genitals blurred. Two U. But many in the Middle East saw the mistreatment as the latest example of American disregard for Arabs. Is this the way the Americans treat prisoners?

Female GI In Abuse Photos Talks

Army Pfc. Lynndie England, seen worldwide in photographs that show her smiling and pointing at naked Iraqi prisoners, said she was ordered to pose for the photos, and felt "kind of weird" in doing so. England, 21, repeatedly insisted that her actions were dictated by "persons in my higher chain of command.
In opening arguments here at the court martial for the accused soldier, Specialist Charles A. Graner, his lawyer insisted he was simply following orders, and using lessons he had learned in his civilian life as a prison guard to try to maintain discipline in a chaotic war zone. Using naked and hooded detainees to make a human pyramid was much like what cheerleaders "all over America" do at football games, the lawyer, Guy Womack, argued.