Ivy cosplay soul calibur

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Ivy Valentine♡

Ivy cosplay (Soul Calibur) - 9GAG

She was introduced in SoulCalibur back in the year and returned in all sequels of the game so far, including the spinoff game SoulCalibur Legends and the free2play game SoulCalibur: Lost Swords that was closed in Together with Taki and Sophitia, Ivy Valentine is one of the more often drawn females from SoulCalibur, due to her revealing outfits, her dominant and sometimes harsh sounding character she is very attractive for many artists to draw, she is also one of the most cosplayed SoulCalibur characters. According to her background story she is familiar with alchemy and magic, her father is one of the antagonists of the series, Cervantes De Leon. SoulCalibur VI

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Destiny is not always fair to those who are intertwined within its complicated web of events that exist to maintain some sort of balance between the forces of good and evil in the world. Considered to be evil by most SoulCalibur fans, Ivy Valentine has had to accept her title in order to completely eradicate the existence of the living Soul Edge sword that has devoured more souls than one can count. While it is true that she grants no mercy to those who stand in her way of eliminating Soul Edge, perhaps we should consider how valiant she is for her vow to destroy the demonic sword that has cursed those who have yielded its powers—no matter the cost.
The gaming industry hasn't always had the smoothest track record when it comes to female character designs, and Ivy Valentine has received her fair share of criticism. That being said, Soulcalibur 's poster girl is in an extremely powerful position within the competitive scene and is regularly considered one of the strongest , most demanding heroes to master within the game. Characterized by her mature appearance and bold, suggestive attire, not to mention her sword which can turn into a whip, Ivy is one of the most well-known characters in the world of fighting games.