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Short, sharp, easy-to-maintain cuts are always favourites at Glasshouse, but those wondering whether to go for the chop often worry that less length will also mean less versatility. Enter Kelly Macdonald as Diane in cult favourite movie Trainspotting. The film resonated massively with youth culture at the time of its release, speaking to concerns from the economic to the romantic, and due to its vibrant, talented cast lead by a young McGregor and much-loved soundtrack, it quickly came to epitomise British cool. But nobody in Trainspotting is quite as cool as Diane, the underage temptress played by the then-unknown Ms Macdonald. Then, pump a little of your gel into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm it up.

Trainspotting star Kelly Macdonald has a stunt bum double for her sex scenes

Ewan McGregor's wife Eve Mavrakis on her jealousy of his female co-stars | Metro News

Known to strip off on screen, Ewan has starred opposite a number of stunning actresses throughout his career, from Cameron Diaz to Rachel Weisz and Nicole Kidman. And while some women might ban their husbands from getting their kit off to simulate sex with stunning females, Eve admitted it was only one actress who really got under her skin. He had a sex scene with Kelly Macdonald, who is delightful. That is the only time I have ever felt jealous. Eight years later, Ewan also spoke of the animosity the iconic sex scene ended up bringing to his marriage. But my wife has always been okay with them except when she was pregnant with our first daughter, Clara, and I went off to do the sex scene in Trainspotting.

Kelly Macdonald

When Kelly Macdonald landed her first acting gig in Danny Boyle's critically acclaimed film, Trainspotting , her lack of experience made it hard for her to relax on set. Before Trainspotting , Macdonald was working at a bar in Glasgow, Scotland. After two friends separately handed her fliers for the movie's open casting call, she decided to audition.
When I started acting I knew nothing. It was a momentous decision to pick up the flyer for the Trainspotting audition. Swearing never came naturally to me.