Mixed girles

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Top definition. Usually are born with brown or green eyes. Has a big ass, which comes naturally. Witty, clever, very sarcastic. Usually are very very beautiful inside and out.

18 Things Mixed Race Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Can Mixed Black Girls Be Accepted As Is?

So let's get one thing straight: I'm fine with being mixed-race. What I'm not fine with is how people approach me because of it. I have been stopped on the street, in elevators, and even yelled at on a ferry because people have so desperately wanted to know "what I was. No, where are you really from—where are your parents from? What's so bad about these kind of questions isn't even the questions themselves—it's the intrusive way in which they have been thrust upon me.

Mixed Girls are Beautiful! 💙💋

Like all Mums to biracial girls, I want my girls to love curls. Not just to accept it but to love it, own it, be confident about it. That starts with me, their Mum the first person who will touch and style their hair and show them how to care for it. I started with language. Because hair is representative of who they are as biracial or black women.
The confusion of other people when they look and then judge light skin mixed black girls really does take its toll on self-confidence and so much more. My teenage niece is mixed on both sides of her family, so her skin tone is quite fair. One day my niece joined her classmates dancing to some hip-hop songs and they were all shocked she could move and had rhythm. Eventually the bullying got pretty bad. She is much stronger for it but why should kids have to be subjected to such negative behavior and social trauma?