Monster girl quest paradox 2

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Like its predecessor, there are a planned total of three parts. Here is the list of additions that the English patch has. Here is the Japanese wiki. Monmusu Quest! Paradox: First Chapter official name: Monmusu Quest! A trial version can be found here.

Characters: Paradox Chapter 2

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This guide covers both the main storyline and side quests of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox , up to the end of part 2. Start by reading the diary and deciding if you want to add an entry to it. It doesn't seem to affect anything as of now, but it might in part 3. Exit the house or check the barrels for loot first. A villager comes and tells Luka that the lumberjack has been kidnapped!

Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

To put it simply, with the exception of a couple areas of flavor text, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is pretty much all translated now, and you can play the game from start to finish and even dive into the postgame without running into walls of moonrunes. Some of the more observant players may have noticed parts of the translation to be of questionable quality. And not just the final stretch of the game, but some earlier segments as well that Dargoth had translated.
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