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I Went to a Play Where the Audience Was Naked

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Last week I went to a play where the audience had to be naked if they wanted to watch it. You could keep your shoes on, though. S H E E T S, a series of vignettes about how people act in hotel rooms, is the type of script that lends itself to a room full of nude strangers. The play is intimate, sexually charged, and a bit uncomfortable. Among other things, S H E E T S features a scene navigating the politics of a threesome, discussions about the merits and pitfalls of sex work, and a list of various bodily fluids found on used bedsheets.

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Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — Actors are known for baring their souls on stage. But the cast of a new French play went a step further -- and so did their audience. This was a request made even more daunting by the weather -- Paris saw temperatures hovering just above zero degrees Celsius 32 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday.
When confronted with nudity in a theatrical performance I usually have a three-part reaction that goes as follows:. My immediate reaction 1 is a stubborn holdover from my prude evangelical upbringing; the naked body, that cesspool of sin, must be kept covered lest lustful demons invade the soul. All three reactions are sprinkled with the prurience that is my lot in life as a hetero male or as a sexual being of any orientation, for that matter.