Navajo women

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S heila Goldtooth and Rebecca M. Benally are examples of Navajo women who blend the American and Navajo philosophies to carry out their work. Their careers and professions influence Navajo life and represent the merging of traditional and contemporary practices occurring through the doorway of the Nation. Educators inspire children to pursue modern knowledge. She has become a medicine woman.

In Navajo Nation, Women Are on the Front Lines of COVID-19

The Power of Navajo Women

Navajo men and women have always shared responsibilities and complemented each other, with no hierarchy. This is vital to ensure that each day is successful and properly lived, Ruth Roessel, a lifelong educator, wrote in her book Women in Navajo Society Navajo Curriculum Center, Following her prayer, the woman would return to the hogan and build a fire—often using wood she herself had chopped. Daylight hours were filled with responsibilities, including cooking, cleaning, sheep herding and hauling water , Roessel wrote.


Navajo women have always been the center of our culture and our families. Our clan system is proof of this. So it came as no surprise to me when I spent the last year talking with Navajo women and girls about their extraordinary accomplishments.
When the first whisperings of the coronavirus started to travel across Navajo Nation in mid-March, Sheila B. Sheila makes frequent trips back home to ensure that her parents have everything they need. Since many Navajo people were rushing to the 13 grocery stores that service the 27, square miles of land on the reservation, getting the necessary items for the recommended two-week stock was a challenge. After visiting six grocery stores around Gallup and Vanderwagen, New Mexico, and Window Rock, Arizona, securing enough bottled water to sustain her parents for nearly a month and most of the items on the grocery list, she headed back home. She would repeat that same trip again the next day, and again the day after that, to get the items that were out of stock on Friday.