Nudity in video games

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We understand that it can be difficult to disengage from the aggressor, but we heavily suggest reporting the post and avoiding further interaction with the poster. Why's nudity so frowned upon in video-gaming? This really does apply to alot of things in U. S media to, but also to video-games, it seems like savagely killing people in anyway possible is perfectly fine, but when they show a breast, or anything like that it's automatically evil and gets tons of complaints of people that are okay with all the killing in the game.

List of AO-rated video games

Is nudity in video games allowed on Youtube : letsplay

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Just how sexist is nudity in gaming?

Nudity in gaming is becoming a hot-button issue. CNET Readers sound off in a debate over whether nudity--or sexually suggestive actions--objectifies or degrades women. I argued that the nudity was unnecessary and gratuitous. After reading through the story, some readers debated whether in-game nudity objectifies women.
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