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Taking photos has never been easier thanks to the steady rise of smartphones. Sign Up. Try free. Practice at Home Take photographs of the nature that surrounds your home, the food that you plate, and the people you interact. Practicing techniques at home will make you a better photographer.

Photography Equipment Basics: Getting Started as a Professional or Amateur Photographer

The Amateur's Guide to Photography

Perhaps the most straightforward way of separating amateurs from professionals is looking in the dictionary. Still, by using dictionary definitions, we are left with the notion that if you are not pursuing photography for profit, then you are considered an amateur, and the reverse is true for professionals. Depending on where you live and conduct your photo shoots, there may be certain rules and regulations you need to abide by if you are a professional photographer. There are also state and federal business licenses that must be obtained, and depending on the type of photography you do, you may even need to collect sales tax from your clients. I recommend consulting with a local tax professional to make sure you are squared away. Think of any small businesses you patronize regularly, and all of the aspects that make them a respectable commercial entity.

The Amateur’s Guide to Photography

Your first questions are probably about photography equipment; what do I need and what will it cost me? Follow along as I outline what photography equipment amateurs and professionals need, what photography equipment is helpful but not essential, how much it costs and a few options for a beginner camera. When I head out to a photoshoot, I usually pack my camera, two or three lenses, a stool, extra batteries, a reflector, memory cards and a tripod.
Many amateur photographers quickly lose interest in photography. They can struggle to get started or get easily frustrated. This is especially true for those who make the leap to DSLR s. Digital SLRs are very popular these days, but most people seem to be unaware of the effort it takes to master photography.