Psalm isadora what happened?

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RSS Feed. It has taken me this long to share these words. I knew I had to—eventually. As with many who loved her, her death presented a journey into the belly of darkness and back, all laced with hard questions and deep wounds. These words did not come immediately; they formed through seasons, cycles, and earthly forces.

Indian American sex guru commited suicide due to depression

Psalm Isadora: Lonely death of tanstric sex guru

The year-old Tantric sex guru and yogi apparently killed herself in March , leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and baffled followers. Isadora had made it her mission to spread the message of female sexual empowerment and sexual healing based on ancient tantric principles. Her initiation into this philosophy was no coincidence — it emanated from the need to heal herself from the traumatic sexual abuse she allegedly suffered as a young girl at the hands of her father. Isadora grew up in a fundamentalist Christian cult where her father purportedly abused her and other young girls.

In Loving Memory Of A Powerful Teacher, Healer And True Warrior: Psalm Isadora

Psalm Isadora escaped a Christian cult and grew to be a sex and healing guru to your public. Then she ended up being discovered dead. The solution, in terms of her death, that has been ruled a committing committing suicide by the L. Nevertheless traumatized and diagnosed as bipolar years later on, she landed into the ER at 29 after a meth that is crystal and suicidal ideations.
We include here a very special tribute by her son, Gabe, who shares his experiences with his mother and her extraordinary legacy. So many of us want to know how to heal our traumas, find our power and enjoy meaningful and magical relationships. The late Psalm Isadora taught thousands of people to do exactly that. When Psalm joined the Mindvalley community in May last year, we had the opportunity to see her empower and heal tens of thousands of people around the world with her beautiful spirit and invaluable wisdom.