Sex while backpacking

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Prepositions are important. You already know how to bang backpacker-style. Even some of The Broke Backpacker team chipped in their dirty deeds. This is some god-tier dirtbag shit!

Backpackers Don't Care About Sex

Backpackers Don't Care About Sex - Backpacker

V-Day plans yet? While many people settle for privacy behind doors, there is definitely something to be said for making love right under the stars with all of nature as your witness. OK, you have your spot staked out, but who wants to take a roll in the hay when that hay is a ground covered with sharp rocks and protruding sticks? There is also another technique very common amongst lovers in the woods. Unless you are in a secluded and isolated spot, please save your neighbors from operatic noises and respect the campground. Do everyone a favor and turn that puppy off; none of your neighbors want to bear witness to your x-rated shadow puppet show, seriously.

Ask Kate: What Is Sex Like on the Backpacker Trail?

You read that right, chief. Think about it. Seis de diez….
Be still, my beating heart: A recent poll on the Backpacker Forums asked "what do you look forward to most after long hike," and the results were a little surprising. While trail culture — with its tent-sharing and skinny-dipping ways — seems to indicate that intimate companionship might be high on the list, it's no match for the glories of modern plumbing. The boys at Anheuser-Busch will be glad to hear that. Meanwhile, "snuggling with your sweetie" garnered a piddling 5 percent, revealing Backpacker forum users to be perhaps less concerned with carnal desires when getting off the trail.