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Please refresh the page and retry. M odern Family actress Sofia Vergara has come under fire, as well as been pitied, for a strange lewd joke made at last night's Golden Globes. The Colombia -born star was introducing the three teenage daughters of Sylvester Stallone, who were all serving as Miss Golden Globe at this year's ceremony, when she made the misfiring joke, which played on her thick accent and apparent difficulties with the English language. While social media were quick to laugh at the gag, others were more critical, claiming that once again Vergara was made the butt of a joke that played up her foreign accent and sex appeal for giggles.

Why Sofia Vergara Relying On Latina Stereotypes For Laughs Is So Damaging

Why Sofia Vergara Relying On Latina Stereotypes For Laughs Is So Damaging | HuffPost

Jump to navigation. Also, what a coincidence that her Freudian slip might make you think about her hot bod or the hot bods of the Miss Golden Globe presenters she introduced! Better seen than heard when it comes to those spicy Latinas, huh? Vergara might have used these scripted jokes as an opportunity to subvert the stereotype that she is so often asked to play—or outright refused to do the skits. In the top ten movies, Latinos accounted for 2. None of them won. Today, Latinos make up 18 percent of the population, and we need to represent those faces, voices and stories if we are ever to increase the understanding and empathy that so many performers highlighted in their eloquent acceptance speeches about diversity and inclusion last night.

Awards Shows Still Have a Sofia Vergara Problem, and It Needs to Stop

While the Golden Globes did have several fist-pumping moments of triumph for women and people of color in the show's first hour, it wasn't perfect. A particularly unfortunate Globes bit that mocked Sofia Vergara's accent went over terribly. The extent of the "joke" seems to be that Vergara can't either read or pronounce the lines she was given on the teleprompter, despite the fact that she's actually quite good at verbal comedy when given some good material, which should be obvious from her many years telling jokes on Modern Family. It was a disappointing moment, considering the momentum that came from wins for shows about people of color and other non-white actors, like Atlanta and Tracee Ellis Ross.
I was proud to call her a fellow Colombian immigrant. I thought she was a positive representation of my country during a time when most Americans seemed to think it was synonymous with cocaine and Pablo Escobar. Vergara is a self-made businesswoman who has built a profitable and impressive empire. Sure, the crowd laughed.