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This revolting doll which is designed to look like a young girl comes complete in a wooden style coffin. Sex toy makers have developed a tiny robot doll that looks just like a year-old girl and comes complete with its very own 'coffin. The sick doll which is custom made to suit the needs of its owner comes delivered wrapped up like a mummy and in a wooden style box that looks set for burial. And it's wearing a black dress as if it's in mourning. A variety of dolls are available with various hair colours, skin colours and eye colours which buyers can choose online.

Sex Trafficking

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Mother says tiny shorts for one-year-olds treats little girls like 'sex objects'

Trafficking exists in countries all over the world and is an underground, illegal activity, sometimes connected to organised crime. Those affected by trafficking are a 'hidden population', difficult to access, identify and count. Every year thousands of women and children are trafficked globally for sexual exploitation.
The post received support from thousands of people. Big W responded to the complaint, saying it will discuss the matter with the department responsible for buying kidswear. Gender bias has been found across many product ranges for children, including home decor and toys. A campaign group called Let Toys Be Toys , which fights against the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls culture, was awarded a prize for scientific research in Sweden. Already have an account?