Tumblr first time cheating

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But ask for angst and you shall receive. You trusted your boyfriend of the past year explicitly. Your relationship was built on a mutual friendship, going from casual classmates to one day dating when he had asked you out. You were surprised to say the least, this was one of the members of the volleyball team.

Where lost lambs lie (hiatus) — Hey, I saw you are taking request so here is some...

Certified Clown ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) | ✧ Summary: Akaashi and Kuroo getting caught

Word count: a lot homie. I wrote so much and between my iPhone and laptop.. He ran his fingers through his hair furiously, trying to wrap his mind around the predicament the two of you were in. Bakugou knew he fucked up. He knew that he was the reason why you were a broken mess in your living room.

Her First time Cheating

First of all, thank you for the request! Also, this will be split into several parts, how many? We are yet to know. Lucifer was perfect, and that was no exaggeration.
Cheating alfie anon! I wanted to request alfie cheating on his girlfriend who is a artist before he can apologize he goes to war. But time skip to now. He sees her again and she owns a paint shop next to him. He is now trying to get with her.