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Twin sisters spent 21 days in the African jungle naked and surrounded by hyenas and lions with just a machete and bow and arrow to defend themselves. Amber and Serena Shine are thrill seekers originally from New Zealand , but uprooted their lives to film an episode of Naked and Afraid for the Discovery Channel. The year-old duo were initially hesitant to appear naked on television, but agreed to the program because they were desperate for a new adventure. They were sent to Limpopo in South Africa , and were forced to forage and hunt for survival, living off one impala and a smattering of caterpillars and scorpions.

Kiwi twins' extreme nude survival challenge in African wilderness

New Zealand's Wild Twins take on African wilderness while nude in Naked and Afraid | 1 NEWS | TVNZ

For three weeks, twins Serena and Amber Shine - armed with just a bow, arrow and machete - were left to fend off rhinos, leopards and hyenas for the show Naked and Afraid. Thepair first went hunting as young children with their dad, Gavin Shine, who would take them possum and rabbit shooting. However, their adventurous spirit has been present since they were toddlers. It also saw them join the army, work the mines and other jobs of an unusual variety, including as a dog sled tour guide. While mum Raewyn was initially not so enthused when Naked and Afraid came knocking, the twins were up for the challenge. Forecast Maps.

New Zealand's Wild Twins take on African wilderness while nude in Naked and Afraid

Frozen in fear, the sisters held their breath as the clearly still agitated elephant continued to bash branches back and forth. Picking up flaming branches from the fire, the twins waved them around their heads in an attempt to look bigger and scarier. Just grunted and kept coming. It got to within three metres of us and we thought, 'This might be it.
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