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After being introduced to the international ecosystem from their native Canada, the three-piece animal that is Black Tiger Sex Machine quickly worked its way to the top of the sonic food chain. Comprised of three long time friends who grew up together in Montreal, BTSM cut their teeth in the local electronic scene, making a name for themselves and their popular monthly electronic party Kannibalen. Since then the band and the label have accomplished more than they, or anyone else in the scene, thought possible for three guys and some tiger masks. We tracked down the elusive beast and were able to ask it a few questions.

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Black Tiger Sex Machine - Numbers (Official Video)

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram. The Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine are known for their dynamic rage- ready style, an explosive blend of heavy electro and bass. Their show is a unique experience that strikes the perfect balance between a live performance and a DJ set. Along with their music, their signature Tiger helmets and their apocalyptic Kannibalen world have attracted legions of faithful followers called the BTSM Church. BTSM were already world-traveling artists before their rise to stardom, which began with their first string of shows in the United States in

Black Tiger Sex Machine

I need you to write it down. Get up. I had my bass and Cat had a guitar. We were messing around right in the back of him with some music. I like that.
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