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Part of me is flattered by that. And if that helps me get good roles, I can only see it as positive. These are the people, man. These are the filmmakers. He has an incredible potency that just jumps right off the screen. With Billy there is intelligence and humor going on behind his eyes and people in this town are paying attention.

12 Sex Scenes with Actors Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other IRL

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Off the back of the international success of Basic Instinct , Sharon Stone was catapulted to movie stardom. Writer Joe Ezterhas enjoyed the fruits of that too, and the pair decided to see if lightning could strike twice. Thus, Ezterhas, under the guidance of producer Robert Evans, put Sliver together, an adaptation of the novel by Ira Levin. An adaptation that is just landing at its 25th birthday, staggergingly.

Billy Baldwin: William Tells

In the nineties, there were so many Baldwins it was hard to keep them straight. Since then, the oldest one has continued to work primarily in television, the youngest became a minister and a fixture on reality TV, and the middle two brothers kind of disappeared. Billy Baldwin had a pretty good run through the first half of the decade. What was really nice about this sex scene with Cindy was they let us take our time with foreplay—they let us do whatever we wanted.
Actor William Baldwin is pictured at left with his wife Chynna Phillips at a movie premiere in At right, Donald Trump is pictured at the wrap party for "The Apprentice" reality television show in The Associated Press. The actor made the accusations on Twitter after the president's son, Donald Trump Jr. I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel