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We have a great sex life but he wants more: he wants me to try anal sex with him. What do you guys think? You mention that you are a sexually adventurous person, so what makes this taboo for you? Many people I know—men and women—are turned off by the idea of any anal play. You may not want to experiment with your boyfriend for your first time, but instead safely and slowly on your own.

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Title: Back Door Girls Video Back Door Girls seems to be a compilation of quarter loop films. These are silent movies shown at adult book store arcades at fifty cents or more for each five minutes until the movie runs out. They are poorly dubbed with the same music and voices on the soundtrack, often ruining some very hot scenes. The segments are all strung around a theme of "Anal sex is such a great turn-on. You should try it yourself. The video clip of course was so much better because it was the only segment of the film that was not dubbed off screen.


Motioning for Dwain to bring over a favorite male training device of mine, a simple vibrator shaped like a big black cock. Donning a pair of rubber surgical gloves, I squirted out some lubricant onto one finger, splayed his ass cheeks with the other and went to work. Inserting my greased finger into his anus I worked it around, spreading the lube liberally about his clenching sphincter, feeling him try to pull away from me I sharply slapped his hanging scrotum. After a minute it was ready.
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