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In the next 18 months, virtual reality headsets will change the way your partner—and you—have sex as well as the people you have it with. I am perched on a metal chair and am wearing a white T-shirt and black trousers. Stranger still is that kneeling in front of me is a beautiful nun. She looks up and catches my gaze. Then she starts to talk in breathy, lusty tones. She reaches out.

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With all of the recent developments taking place here at VRSmash, you can rest assured knowing that virtual reality sex is no longer a science-fiction fantasy. You don't need to worry about spending tons of money on buying a specific smartphone or matching headset. All you need is an Android or iPhone, along with the uber affordable Google Cardboard, and you are good-to-go! Google cardboard is, essentially, a piece of cardboard with velcro and a pair of lenses. With basic parts like this, you will be stoked to learn that you can actually purchase them locally - at a hardware store, for example. With only a trip to the local hardware store, and Google's instructions, you can actually make your own!

Google Cardboard VR Porn

VR porn is the latest tech trend in an industry that is said to make for about 30 percent of all data transferred over the internet according to the Huffington Post. According to Pornhub , what started as a small pack of 30 VR porn videos in , quickly grew to a collection of over 2, VR porn videos by May With over , VR porn views per day at Pornhub. Want in?
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