Libra sex positions

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And if you want to try more than one position, check to see what sign Venus planetary ruler of love, sex, and beauty is in and give that position a go! As always, make sure you have a conversation with your partner before you have sex; ask about being tested, about what their boundaries are , and about what turns them on. Although missionary can get a bad rap, there are plenty of ways to spice it up. You can even incorporate sex toys, restraints, or bondage if you really want to get rowdy.

The Best Sex Position for Your Zodiac Sign

5 Sex Positions For Libras That Are Destined To Lead To Starry Nights

When it comes to amplifying your satisfaction between the sheets, it never hurts to take a cue from your sun sign. Influencing your sense of self, identity, individual style, vitality, self-esteem, and confidence, it serves as an internal compass. While fire signs are wired to be full of passion, earth signs are innately grounded, air signs seek heady stimulation, and water signs are comfortable wading in the depths of emotion. Given that your astrological wiring influences your sexual style, you might want to consider how it can fuel your next partnered pleasure session. Here, the best sex position for every sign. Ruled by go-getter Mars—which oversees action, athleticism, strength, sex, and courage—fire sign Aries take a lot of pride in physical achievement and tend to like sex to be rough consensually, of course , playful, and competitive. For that reason, the ram might enjoy a challenging, hot-and-bothered standing position, like Caliper.

3 Sex Positions You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you're anything like me, you're always on the lookout for hot new sex positions to try out — because there's no such thing as having too much great sex with your partner , right? Every couple might have their own personal favorite, go-to sex positions that always do the trick, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a little experimenting every now and then, too. And if you're in need of some sexual inspiration, there's one unexpected source that you might want to consider tapping into: your zodiac sign. Our zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our personalities , likes, and dislikes — and that translates in the bedroom as well. No two people are going to have exactly the same tastes in bed, but those who share the same sign might have more in common than you'd think, like some hidden erogenous zones and favorite sex positions.
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