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Like traditional female sex toys, our lesbian sex toys are designed with the four major female: erogenous zones in mind: clitoris, vagina, anus, and nipples. Strap-on toys are a staple for many lesbians who want to penetrate or be penetrated by their partners while keeping their hands free for stimulation elsewhere. A strap-on also allows the user to watch her partner's face and maintain eye contact during sex. If you want to enjoy the unique sensation of simultaneous penetration with your partner, try a double dildo strap-on. We have harnesses for women of all sizes.

The Best Lesbian Sex Toys, From Vibrators To Double Dildos

Lesbian sex toys - Best lesbian sex toys

If you're a lesbian , bisexual , pansexual or queer woman or person with a vulva who sleeps with other vagina-having people, these are the best sex toys you can use together. Whether you like penetration, clit stimulation, vibrator or oral sex, there's a sex toy for you. It also comes in two sizes. It's plain and no frills, so if that's your vibe it's perfect. It also comes with a nice-sized strap-on dildo that can be used with the harness or separately.

11 Must-Have Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples and Singles, According to Experts and Reviewers

You never need an excuse to try something new in the bedroom. But, with everyone stuck indoors due to COVID, now is the perfect time to explore with your partner—and solo. Finding the right sex toy to fill your needs can require a lot of research, but trying things out is what makes the process so fun. If they want their woman to enjoy the unique pleasures of direct tingly madness to their clit, it's going to be a vibrating toy.
Mmhm, you're welcome. Unfortunately, the wonderful world of lesbian sex toys is mistakenly thought to stop at strap-ons, double-ended dildos, and harnesses. Sure, some queer folks and lesbians love these toys, but the options for products that take your Os to the next level go beyond these lesbian sex toy classics, and a little creativity can seriously pay off in the pleasure department. So if you think you've tried every lesbian sex toy out there, you might still find yourself pleasantly surprised.